KEI Environment Management Policy

Environment Policy

We at Krishna engineering industries manufacturer of Copper and Copper Alloys in the form of coil, strips, foils, sheets and circles believes to have an obligation towards protecting the environment. The protection of environment is very much imperative for Krishna Engineering Industries and thus closely monitored and is an important factor in our corporate decision-making processes.


Krishna Engineering Industries is holding a reputed position amongst the leading manufacturer of Copper & Copper Alloys for over 60 years. We provide a comprehensive range of Copper, Brass & Phosphor Bronze Sheets, Strips, Foils & Circles in all sizes which are widely accepted by our users from all over the country. Our vast and exclusive product range find application in the following industry circles:

  • Automotive Industries : Radiators, Wiring Harnesses
  • Computers : Connectors, Contacts, Lead Frames
  • Defence : Cartridge casings, Contacts, Detonators
  • Domestic : Decorative articles, Utensils
  • Engineering : Heat exchangers, Gaskets, Springs, BoilerTubing, Pressure Vessels, Condensors, Distilleries equipments.
  • Electrical : Contacts, Cable Tape, Switchgears, Control Panels, Connectors, Transformers, Battery Caps, Lamp Caps, Solar Panels
  • Garments : Zippers, Buttons
  • General : Flashlights, Watch dials, Coins