Krishna Engineering Industries

Alloy Name
CuSn0.15 C14410

KEI has specially developed Tin (Sn) bearing Copper for manufacture of Copper Radiator Fins for higher tensile strength and resistance to annealing. Tin bearing Copper is being manufactured in thickness up to 0.04 mm and slit width from 20mm to 350mm.

CuSn0.15 Characteristics

Tensile Strength is more than ETP Copper. Hardness is equivalent to ETP Copper. Good electrical conductivity of 80% IACS. Resistance to Annealing - Heat Proof Maximum Coil Weight is 8Kg/mm width.

Main Applications

Automobiles & Industrial

Copper Radiators Fins for Automobile as well as Industrial application, Heat Ex-changers, Terminal for Automotive Batteries, Connector Pins, Fuse Boxes in Automobile.

Physical Properties Typical values in annealed temper at 20 °C
Density 8.93 g/cm3
Thermal expansion coefficient -191 .. 16 17.3 10-6/K
Specific heat capacity - 0 .. 300°C 0.385 10-6/K
Thermal conductivity 340 J/(g•K)
Electrical conductivity (1 MS/m = 1 m/(O mm²) 46 W/(m•K)
Electrical conductivity (IACS) 80 MS/m %
Thermal coefficient of electrical resistance (0 .. 200 C) 3.2 10-3/K
Modulus of elasticity ( 1 GPa = 1 kN/mm²) cold formed 120 GPA

Fabrication Properties
Capacity for Being Cold Worked Excellent
Soft Soldering / Brazing Excellent
Gas Shield arc welding Excellent
Machinability 20% of Free Cutting Brass
Hot Dip Tinning Excellent

Corrosion Resistance

AMW-16 has good corrosion resistance in natural atmosphere (also sea air) and industrial atmosphere.In different waters and neutral saline solutions, it exhibits better resistance to corrosion through abrasion and pitting than SF-Cu

Mechanical Properties (EN 1652)
Temper Tensile Strength Rm MPa
Yield Strength Rp0.2 MPa
Elongation A50mm % Hardness HV
O (SOFT) 220 Min 150 35 Min 65 Max
HB (half Hard) 250 Min 150 10 Min 75-100
HD (Hard) 300 Min 250 4 Min 100 Min